Emerging from the Shadow of Charandass

Emerging from the Shadow of Charandass


Dr. Terrence Blackman

As we look towards the future this weekend, the GBJ explores the prospects for Guyana in 2024. Reflecting on the bustling Christmas season in Guyana, a time that traditionally serves as a significant economic stimulus globally, the GBJ recalls a 2018 visit to the vibrant streets of Guyana during the festive period. The atmosphere was electric, with Regent Street teeming with activity, from Albert Street to Orange Walk, showcasing a bustling mix of cultures and businesses. This lively scene underlines the evolving socio-economic landscape of Guyana.

This vibrancy is mirrored in the broader economic context, particularly as Guyana’s oil future continues to shape its economic and social dynamics. The influx of international business interest, spurred by the oil industry, has introduced both opportunities and challenges. Small business owners express optimism and uncertainty while navigating the new economic terrain. The GBJ’s interactions highlight the diverse impacts of this shift – from a taxi driver finding new prosperity driving for oil company employees to concerns about adequate investment in essential infrastructure like education and healthcare.

The political landscape in Guyana has undergone significant transformations as well. The fall of the APNU/AFC coalition government in late 2018, precipitated by a no-confidence vote, marked a pivotal moment in Guyanese politics. This event highlighted the deep-seated ethnic and racial tensions within the country, tensions that trace back to the colonial era and continue to influence contemporary politics.

Looking ahead, the challenge for Guyana lies in transcending these ethnic divisions and finding a political arrangement that adequately represents its diverse population. The notion of a Government of National Unity, once considered by leaders like Dr. Cheddi Jagan and President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, resurfaces as a potential path towards a more inclusive and stable political environment.

As we step into 2024, the opportunities presented by the emerging oil economy and the need for national stability are more crucial than ever as Guyana faces emerging threats to its territorial integrity from its neighbor Venezuela. The GBJ advocates for bold, inclusive political action that can steer Guyana towards security, robust economic growth, and social cohesion. In this spirit, we extend our wishes for a peaceful, productive, and prosperous 2024 to all Guyanese and their families.

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