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Energy Updates, August 5, 2022

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XXXI La Jolla Energy Conference – Sept 28-29, 2022


Guyana Basins Summit

October 4-6, 2022


Visualizing the World’s Largest Oil Producers

Oil’s cash bonanza- POLITICO


Why is OPEC struggling to raise oil output?


Cheniere’s revenue more than doubles on LNG boom


Europe’s Gas Crisis | Global Policy Watch

LNG in Europe: Ready or Not? | Statista


A German gas crisis will cause jitters across Europe

Will Norway turn the energy crisis into opportunity? – GIS Reports

Norway has the potential to play a bigger role in Europe’s gas market if the government can balance economic interests with its climate agenda.

African nations expected to make case for big rise in fossil fuel output | Africa | The Guardian


Who wins from exploiting Africa’s oil and gas? – African Business


T-MEC reconoce la soberanía sobre energía y permite fortalecer a Pemex y a CFE, pero no de manera discriminatoria


El conflicto energético del TMEC complica el ‘nearshoring’ a favor de México


Las ganancias de Pemex se disparan gracias a los altos precios del petróleo; pero su deuda financiera no baja


  • Rystad Energy’s Presentation in Guyana

Watch Live Stream 

Norway energy research company set to present report on Guyana’s O&G sector in Georgetown | OilNOW

After 33 oil finds: Guyana’s Stabroek Block one of the most prolific of all time – expert – Guyana Times

Guyana is a “phenomenal province” with “excellent returns” – Hess | OilNOW

Guyana’s oil will be in long-term demand, despite transition to clean energy: Demerara Waves

Guyana’s low carbon dioxide emission crude oil and break-even price of an average of U$28 per barrel have positioned the country’s reserves for a good market, even with a projected global demand of  up to 50 million barrels per day by 2050 due to the shift to cleaner energy such as renewables, according to the Norway-headquartered Rystad Energy. Rystad Energy’s Senior Vice President & Head of Latin America, Schreiner Parker said during a presentation on his entity’s most recent oil and gas study on Guyana’s upstream industry that existing production  would not be sufficient to meet the 2050 demand.

A game changer: Guyana Chronicle  

— Rystad Vice-President hails gas-to-energy project as ‘absolutely necessary’ for Guyana

DESCRIBING Guyana’s gas-to-energy project as “absolutely necessary”, Senior Vice-President and Head of Latin America for Rystad Energy, Schreiner Parker, said that the project can only change Guyana for the better, given the wide range of benefits it will bring. Parker shared these remarks on Wednesday during a press conference where he presented his company’s most recent study on “Guyana’s Upstream Industry and Country Benchmarking Update”.  He noted that just like oil, Guyana has tremendous natural gas resources.

Guyana to be flush with over US$150B in oil revenues by 2040 – Rystad Senior VP: Guyana Standard  

Guyana’s future is projected to be flush with over US$150B in oil revenues by 2040 as she would have more than seven Stabroek block projects delivering in excess of one million barrels of oil per day by that period. This is according to Senior Vice President & Head of Latin America for Rystad, Schreiner Parker. During an engagement with media operatives at Oil NOW’s office in Spurwing Drive, Parker listed some key facts about Guyana; facts that make it one of the most coveted oil story any investor would fantasize being part of.

Guyana’s Stabroek block one of the most prolific of all time – Rystad Energy’s Senior Vice President: iNewsEvening News – 4:32

The Stabroek Block offshore Guyana is being referred to by one expert as one of the most successful exploration blocks of all time, with an unparalleled success rate after 33 oil finds were recorded in the block by ExxonMobil between 2015 and 2022. Making this assertion was Schreiner Parker, the Senior Vice President and Head of the Latin America Division for Rystad Energy, an independent Norwegian consultancy specialising in energy research and market intelligence.

Oil-minded Guyanese hammer Rystad Energy’s propaganda ‘study’: Kaieteur News

…company admits to being ExxonM’s client

…avoids questions on who paid for spreading of misinformation

Rystad Energy, a research company that claims to be an “independent group” based in Norway was roughed up on Thursday evening after several Guyanese punched gaping holes into a “study” it produced with mysterious projections about the country’s oil earnings into 2040. The report titled, Guyana Upstream Industry and Country Benchmarking Update, was unveiled to members of the business community at Duke Lodge by Rystad’s Senior Vice President (VP) and Head of Latin America, Schreiner Parker.

No one has ever seen, known what Guyana US$600M oil insurance policy is about – Sources: Kaieteur News

While the conversation regarding financial protection for Guyana against oil spills rages on, citizens are not only in the dark about the actual existence of the insurance policy, but sources have confirmed that the coverage is not in-country as is legally required. Given their operations offshore Guyana, oil companies are required to have the necessary insurance coverage to provide the finances that is necessary to support clean up action. Additionally, this policy is supposed to be in-country, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Dr. Vincent Adams had stated.

Guyana can show the world how to manage oil for citizens’ benefit – Rystad Energy – News Room Guyana

Exxon has proven it has a second-to-none approach in growing oil, gas stocks – CEO Woods | OilNOW

Guyana Upstream: A Rystad Energy Industry & Country Benchmarking Update, Guyana – July 22, 2022


Guyana oil revenues to break US$1 billion mark this year; exceed US$7.5 billion by 2030 – Rystad Energy | OilNOW

Guyana Poised To Break $1 Billion In Oil And Gas Revenue This Year | OilPrice.com


Guyana’s revenue from oil and gas production set to break $1bn in 2022.

Splash. Kim Biggar, July 25, 2022

Guyana’s oil & gas revenues booming with $7.5 bln expected in 2030, says Rystad

Offshore Energy. Melisa Cavcic, July 25, 2022

Guyana among potential ‘energy super basins’ of the world – WoodMac: OilNOW

With the energy transition in full swing, emphasis is being placed on making the global upstream industry more sustainable. To do this, the focus has to be on abundant oil and gas resources in locations with access to low-cost renewables and carbon capture and storage (CCS) potential. These are the geological energy ‘super basins’ of the future, according to consultancy group Wood Mackenzie, and Guyana’s is potentially among the few in the world.

Brazil, Guyana, Mexico Projects To Offset Declines In Other Areas  | Rigzone


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