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Successful Launch of Season III, Episode I of the Transforming Guyana Series

Transforming Guyana, Season III, Episode I, Vision 2040: Guyana's National Development Plan

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Successful Launch of Season III, Episode I of the Transforming Guyana Series

Guyana Business Journal (GBJ) & Caribbean Policy Consortium Host Visionary Webinar on Guyana’s National Development Plan

Brooklyn, NY – June 12, 2024– The Guyana Business Journal (GBJ) and Caribbean Policy Consortium proudly launched Season III, Episode I of their Transforming Guyana Series today at 10:30 AM EST, focusing on “Vision 2040: Guyana’s National Development Plan.”

The webinar brought together a distinguished panel of experts to discuss Guyana’s future and the comprehensive integration of economic, environmental, and social strategies under the National Development Plan. Participants explored the practical implications and benefits of implementing this plan across various sectors, emphasizing fostering active participation and collaboration among stakeholders.

Key Highlights:
Vision 2040: A discussion on the future vision for Guyana, integrating diverse strategies for sustainable national development.
Economic, Environmental, and Social Strategies: An in-depth look at how these strategies promote growth and resilience.
Practical Implications and Benefits: Exploration of the tangible impacts of the National Development Plan on various sectors.
Stakeholder Collaboration: Encouragement of active participation from policymakers, business leaders, environmental advocates, academics, and other stakeholders.

Interactive Q&A Session:
Participants engaged directly with panelists through an interactive Q&A session, making it a highly engaging and informative experience.

Dr. Vibert Cambridge
Dr. Ivelaw Griffith
Dr. Ulric Trotz
Dr. Lear Matthews

Dr. Terrence Blackman
Dr. David Lewis

The conversation emphasized the critical importance of a national development plan for Guyana’s growth and development. It focused on environmental challenges, leveraging the skills and resources of the Guyanese diaspora, and prioritizing climate resilience. Key points included addressing demographic changes, cultural landscape, and territorial security while tackling issues like poverty, crime, race, and cultural awareness. The potential contributions of the diaspora in community development, healthcare, education, and business were highlighted, along with the challenges they face, including resentment and discrimination.

Action Items Emerging:
1. Coastal Population Security: Implement comprehensive risk mapping and contingency planning for community relocation to secure Guyana’s coastal population.
2. National Development Plan: Develop a broad stakeholder consensus around a shared vision for Guyana’s future.
3. Support Iwokrama: Increase funding for Iwokrama as a leading institution for forest management, carbon credits, and indigenous relations.
4. Diaspora Engagement Strategy: Design a holistic engagement strategy and establish structured mechanisms for diaspora contributions.

This webinar is an essential resource for anyone interested in Guyana’s economic future. It serves as a valuable case study for similar economies looking to learn from Guyana’s approach to national development.

For more information and to view the recording of the webinar, please visit


Terrence Blackman, Ph.D.
Founder, Guyana Business Journal

Guyana Business Journal (GBJ)
Caribbean Policy Consortium
Transforming Guyana Series

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