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Summit of the Americas, Updates-June 10, 2022, Recap & Summaries

by terrence richard blackman
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“Our friend Jorge Heine has the best realist quote below ….”


“It all looks very thin,” Jorge Heine, a former Chilean ambassador to China, told me. The Biden administration is not promising new free trade deals or greater market access to countries in the region that don’t have these arrangements already in place, nor has it proved yet capable of raising significant new resources for investment. While Biden managed to swiftly push $40 billion in additional funding to Ukraine through Congress, its long-sought $4 billion to reckon with the social crises in Central America is mired on Capitol Hill.

This lack of capacity stands in marked contrast to China. Total Chinese trade to Latin America and the Caribbean went from a paltry $18 billion in 2002 to nearly $449 billion in 2021. China is now South America’s largest trade partner. It has used financial incentives to flip a number of Caribbean countries away from their recognition of Taiwan. It has become a major provider of armaments to South American militaries and has partnered with the space programs of a half dozen countries on the continent. Chinese state companies and businesses are hoovering up natural resources, as well as engaging in major infrastructure and construction projects across the region, from stadiums and railways to ports and dams.


“When U.S. authorities visit Latin America, they often talk about China and why Latin American countries should not deal with China,” Heine said. “When Chinese authorities visit, all the talk is about bridges and tunnels and highways and railways and trade.” One vision, he added, is clearly more “attractive” than the other.


Heine argued that there were high expectations for Biden’s tenure. As vice president in the Obama administration, Biden made numerous trips to Latin America. His experience, it was hoped, would move the needle beyond the Trump years, when Latin America was largely reduced to a target of anti-immigrant bashing and ideological axe-grinding against left-leaning regimes.

But the Biden administration has pursued what Heine dubbed as a “Trump-lite” approach, where the “rhetoric has been toned down, but the policies have continued very much along the same lines.” The result, Heine concluded, is a “generalized disappointment” in a region whose economies have been badly hit by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, China’s approach to Latin America is far less ideological than the one on show in the United States. Beijing can coordinate on coronavirus vaccines with Cuba while also courting Ecuador’s newish right-wing government with the prospect of a major trade deal.


“Most governments obviously prefer the U.S. model,” Heine told me, pointing to democratic values that many in the region also cherish. “But the real challenge is development. … When China comes and offers trade and financing, that is welcome. That is the main priority. Latin Americans are not in the business of international great power competition.”


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  • “It’s fricking amateur hour,” Nicholas Cull, professor of public diplomacy at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, said of overall US messaging around the summit. “It doesn’t seem like they prepared with image in mind. Chinese summits are a very different animal.”



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