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Transforming Guyana, Episode I

by terrence richard blackman
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To my Guyanese Friends and Comrades, Happy 56th Independence Day! –My legacy project–smile.

Six years ago, it was a humbling honor and a privilege for me to be a part of the Guyana Independence Golden Jubilee National Symposium Series. The Series facilitated cross-disciplinary discussions on four interrelated questions:

(i) Who are we?

(ii) What has been our journey?

(iii) What can we become?

(iv) How can we get there?

The presenters included writers, policymakers, students, musicians, university professors, civic advocates, and others from the community.

These questions are even more relevant for Guyana today. Therefore, following in the legacy of this event, the Guyana Business Journal (GBJ) and the Caribbean Policy Consortium (CPC), on June 08, 2022, at 10:30 EST, will launch a series of Monthly Webinars entitled “Transforming Guyana.”

The goals:

(i) Bring together experts and prominent voices from Guyana, the diaspora, and around the world to discuss the impacts of Guyana’s oil and gas development;

(ii) Offer a nuanced look at the opportunities and potential pitfalls ahead for Guyana;

(iii) Explores strategies to maximize the positive impacts of the oil revenues on Guyana’s people and her future while mitigating the risks that other countries have faced; and

(iv) Identify the most promising roles the Diaspora can play in this transformation.

In Episode I, we will be joined by:

(a) Mr. Arthur Deakin, Arthur’s expertise spans a wide range of energy segments, including solar, wind, oil, biofuels, biomass, LPG, LNG, energy storage/batteries, hydrogen, hydropower, and more.

(b) Dr. Vibert Cambridge, Professor at Ohio University, School of Media Arts and Studies

(c) Dr. Lear Matthews, Professor, Department of Community and Human Services, State University of New York, Empire State College, and former lecturer at the University of Guyana, Faculty of Social Science, and

(d) Ms. Rosalinda Rasul, Head of the Diaspora and Remigration Unit within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to discuss promoting and encouraging a more profound and mutually beneficial relationship between Guyana and the Diaspora in its energy and economic diversification and economic development journey.

Please save the date and time and join us for Season I, Episode I of Transforming Guyana. The Webinar will be live-streamed here.

I will share more live streaming information as we get closer to June 08.

Again, may your Independence Day 2022 reflections be productive ones.

Be well.


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