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On refining the trajectory of Guyana’s Local Content Legislation

by terrence richard blackman
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A follow up interview this morning with Dr. Blackman and Boom FM Radio in Georgetown, Guyana on refining the trajectory of Guyana’s Local Content Act. Dr. Blackman reiterated the need for the amplification of efforts aimed at:

  1. The basing of oil and gas support operations in Guyana;
  2. The continued development and the broadening of training programs designed to move Guyanese nationals into employment opportunities in the oil and gas value chain;
  3. Supporting the robust participation of Guyanese businesses in the CLBD to facilitate capacity and competence building for local companies;
  4. Ensuring that whenever the appropriate competencies are available in Guyana, companies are committed to utilizing them;
  5. Intentionally engaging Guyana’s disadvantaged communities;
  6. Facilitating the creation of joint ventures, partnerships, and consortia involving local companies and Oil Majors aimed at seeding local business owners in the oil and gas sector; and
  7. Reframing corporate social responsibility as a mechanism for creating shared value in Guyana.

Please see interview here https://fb.watch/cnUhF5kCaG/

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