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GBJ-CPC Webinar: Strategic Considerations For Local Content Requirements in Guyana


Significant Research Findings:

Guyana’s dynamic and rapidly progressing oil and gas development can create boundless opportunities, which is the intent of local content policy (LCP). However, there has been an information vacuum related to the LCP—its rationale, structure, and pathway to implementation. Fortunately, the government of Guyana has addressed this shortcoming and produced a draft Local Content Policy. While the document has produced a reasonable policy framework, the LCP is jeopardized by a rigid compendium of local content targets that are questionable in their derivation or may be exceedingly difficult to attain.

It is urgent, therefore, that the government address and remedy the shortcomings of its LCP. After all there are many positive features of the LCP including: preferred access and opportunities for Guyanese; the need for good governance for the LCP to succeed; the need for appropriate legislative support for successful policy implementation; and engagement of the Guyanese diaspora as a vitally important resource. 


Dr. Jerry Haar, Professor of International Business, Florida International University

Dr. Anthony Bryan, University of the West Indies & Caribbean Policy Consortium

Dr. Terrence Blackman, Medgar Evers College, City University of New York & Guyana Business Journal

Dr. David Lewis, Caribbean Policy Consortium & Manchester Trade Ltd. Inc. (Moderator)

Key Quotes:

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