March 19, 2023

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Guyana News Updates – March 19, 2023

VP Harris’s Special Advisor, other U.S officials in Guyana for a 3-day visit   – News Room Guyana


In Guyana, Chairman Smith and Delegation Highlight the Importance of American Partnership in Energy Production to Outcompete China


US House Committee Chair underlines interest in Guyana’s oil and gasStabroek News

The visiting chairman of the all-powerful US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, Jason Smith has underlined the need for expanding American participation in the Guyana oil and gas sector and to outcompete China in this arena.

U.S. Congressman says Guyana’s oil can lift its people out of poverty, produce cheaper energy to American families: Kaieteur News

United States of America Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, Congressman Jason Smith, during an exclusive interview with Fox News, stated that Guyana’s oil resources have the potential to lift its people out of poverty as well as produce cheaper energy for American families.

Guyana ready to formalize US energy security pact; Congressional House Ways & Means Committee says outcompeting China is priority


US pledges support for modernization of Guyana’s energy & physical infrastructure


US Ambassador stresses contract sanctity, need for improvement of lives of all GuyaneseStabroek News

Addressing a reception for a visiting, high-level US congress team on Friday, American Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch lauded the government here for making the country attractive for investors and underlined the importance of contract sanctity while at the same time stressing the need for the improvement of the lives of all Guyanese.

Guyana wants more US investments & support on global issues – News Room Guyana


Guyana: Waiting for ICJ Decision, but also Investing in Security; Part II | Caribbean News


Guyana Embarks on Mega Infrastructure Program With $200 Million IDB Loan – Nearshore Americas


CARICOM should seek energy security within itself instead of PetroCaribe – Climate Adviser: OilNOW

When it comes to the question of energy security with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Former Science Adviser with the Caribbean Climate Change Centre, Dr. Ulric Trotz, believes it would be better for Guyana to pursue a ‘PetroCARICOM’ agreement rather than a resuscitation of the PetroCaribe.

Guyana’s Rise as an Energy Power

S&P CERA Week – March 6, 2023


Guyana sees natural gas as the next frontier after oil | Nasdaq


Guyana Plans Additional Oil Auction in 2024 to Bolster Expansion


All 14 Guyana oil blocks attract interest as model PSAs released: OilNOW

All 14 blocks on auction in Guyana’s ongoing licensing round have received expressions of interest, the government said in a statement Tuesday. Guyana’s Ministry of Natural Resources has published new model contracts to govern the three deepwater and 11 shallow water blocks to be issued in the round. The contracts are also applicable for existing petroleum agreements, except for the Stabroek Block.

Guyana Looks to Next Phase of Offshore Development With ‘Huge Potential’ in Natural Gas – Natural Gas Intelligence


Guyana offshore investments at US$7B in 2023 as global oil activities surge – Rystad Energy | OilNOW


Exxon’s drilling operations to peak in 2025 with seven major projects across Stabroek, Kaieteur, Canje blocks: OilNOW

Once ExxonMobil Guyana receives approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its 35 multi-well programme in the Stabroek Block, drilling operations for the country could reach its peak in 2025. According to the Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) for the multi-well project, it was noted that several drill ships are anticipated to be engaged in drilling for the Yellowtail, Uaru, Whiptail, and project #7 in the Stabroek Block, as well as exploration works across the Canje and Kaieteur concessions.

Noble made more money from Guyana operations than anywhere else, in 2022 | OilNOW


More FPSOs may be needed as Guyana’s Stabroek Block discoveries grow – Hess boss | OilNOW


Let Us Celebrate Exxon’s Discovery of the Oil Off Shore; and Although differing, Thank Dr. Hunte for his Tables Comparing Costs – Kaieteur News


Guyana’s Gas-to-Energy Project: Your Questions Answered: OilNOW

Gas-to-Energy is a project that aims to put infrastructure in place so natural gas can be transported from the offshore Stabroek Block’s liza oilfield to an integrated gas processing facility at Wales, on the West Bank of Demerara. The project will deliver natural gas liquids (NGL) and dry gas to the government of Guyana.

Guyana’s Challenge: Avoiding ‘Dutch Disease’: OilNOW – by Arnold McIntyre

Guyana’s medium-term prospects are highly favorable and driven by fast-expanding oil production. To date, international oil producers have discovered 11 billion barrels of commercially recoverable oil and gas that promise to transform Guyana’s economy from one based on agriculture and mining into a large oil producer, particularly considering it is a nation of about 790,000 people.

Guyana’s “dutch disease”: ‘Mark my words’ – Jamaica Observer


Outsiders must do their homework before wildly pinning the “resource curse” narrative onto Guyana’s oil journey


11 Billion Barrels


TT to see gas in two years if negotiations go well with Venezuela – Young: OilNOW

Trinidad and Tobago (TT) expects gas to start flowing from the Dragon field project in two years, once all goes well in negotiations with Venezuela, its Energy Minister, Stuart Young has said. Young, according to Reuters, is due back in Caracas for a third time as talks advance between Venezuela’s Energy Minister Tareck El Aissami and Pedro Rafael Tellechea, President of the state-run oil company.

The Big Thinking of Carbon Credits: OilNOW – by Lorraine Sobers

John Hess, CEO of Hess Corporation, speaking at the recently concluded International Energy Conference and Expo Guyana, explained to the audience that “Carbon credits provide financial incentives to preserve forests and biodiversity that are at risk to growing economic activities and demand for natural resources.”

World Bank stresses the urgency for investments in renewable energy – Guyana Times




Guyana to receive expert assistance in agriculture sector – Mustapha – Guyana Times


GraceKennedy to expand Guyana footprint | Business | Jamaica Gleaner


Hess, Chevron and Shell looking to hit pay at Suriname well this yearOilNOW

Chief Executive Officer of Hess Corporation, John Hess, said one exploration well will be drilled this year in Block 42 offshore Suriname.  Hess, Chevron and Shell, the operator, are equal stakeholders in the Block which lies north of Block 58, which holds the most offshore discoveries in the South American country.

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