Transforming Guyana, Episode III Education & The Oil Windfall

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The Guyana Business Journal (GBJ) Caribbean Policy Consortium(CPC) invite you to Episode III of Transforming Guyana, on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at 10:30 AM EST. 

Panelists: Dr. Paloma Mohamed Martin, Dr. Edward Greene, Dr. Leyland Lucas, Dr. Cardinal Warde, Dr. David Lewis, and Dr. Terrence Blackman share ideas on how Guyana should leverage oil and gas revenues to produce a world-class twenty-first-century education system at all levels, focusing on broad coverage of the country and with strong links to the best institutions of higher learning abroad while fostering local skills in key local content areas.

The Webinar will be live-streamed on the Guyana Business Journal Youtube Channel.

THE GUYANA BUSINESS JOURNAL & THE CARIBBEAN POLICY CONSORTIUM are dedicated to exploring and understanding the Guyanese and Caribbean economy’s key issues and developing concrete policy proposals in support of the region’s socio-economic and political development.


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