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Guyana News Updates, July 18, 2022

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Guyana races against the clock to bank its oil bonanza | Reuters



Gas-to-shore project: Significant interest shown for consultant to manage construction – Bharrat – Guyana Times


Guyana Shore Base secures 11-year extended contract with Exxon – News Room Guyana


Govt spending on infrastructure aiding economic growth – GCCI President – Guyana Times


Governments must commit to ICT development in the Caribbean – Guyana PM



Govt pursuing investors to develop ‘world-class’ eco resort – Department of Public Information, Guyana



EPA says impact study needed of new proposed Exxon drilling programme in Stabroek Block: Stabroek NewsOilNOWKaieteur News

-cites possible cumulative effect

The EPA says that an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is needed of a new proposed 35 multi-well drilling programme in the Stabroek Block by ExxonMobil’s subsidiary, EEPGL. In a notice in yesterday’s Sunday Chronicle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that while the project in of itself will not significantly affect the environment, the similar ventures being executed in the Stabroek Block could see this one and its activities cumulatively and significantly affecting the  surroundings.


Exxon seeking environmental approval for 35 exploration wells – Guyana Times


OP:ED: Splitting the Climate Change Bill for Consuming Hydrocarbons: Kaieteur News by Dr. Lorraine Sobers

A disproportionate fraction of the climate change bill is already being paid by developing countries. There is no correlation between where climate change hits hardest and the source of massive greenhouse gas emissions. It is challenging enough to split a restaurant tab with friends; it is a more complex task to determine the financial obligation of each country to cover the burden of climate change effects.


Unlocking potential of Suriname’s 30 billon boe could be transformational – Legal Advisor: OilNOW

The most striking news to emerge from Suriname’s recently concluded Energy, Oil and Gas Summit (SEOGS) 2022 was uttered by the Vice President of Offshore at Staatsolie, Glenn Corrie – those 30 billion barrels of oil equivalent awaits discovery in the South American nation’s oil basin. And should this potential be unlocked; it would be a game-changer for Staatsolie and the country at large. This was the view proffered by one Surinamese Legal Advisor and Oil and Gas Tax Lawyer, Roy Shyamnarain.


EPA still hiding info on Exxon’s flaring – Alfred Bhulai: Kaieteur News

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to boast of its capabilities to remotely monitor the flaring of gas, by oil giant ExxonMobil, however while the regulator claims to have hands on this information, the public is being denied access to same. This is the view of Energy Technologist, Mr. Alfred Bhulai. Bhulai, who holds a degree in Applied Chemistry (U.G) and Engineering (Technical University of Berlin) in a recent exclusive interview with Kaieteur News explained that transparency is a critical aspect in the governance of the oil and gas sector for several reasons, such as assuring the public that the company’s operations are safely ongoing.


Poorly managed O&G sector a recipe for economic, social troubles – World Bank warns: Kaieteur News

Guyana has been a natural resources-dependent country for decades, but it never established resource management and planning tools such as a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), the World Bank’s ‘Guyana Petroleum Resources Governance and Management Project’ document stated. The Bank is urging a different trend in relation to the oil and gas industry as it warns that poor management of the sector often results in economic and social troubles for countries. Recent oil discoveries here have however prompted Guyana to pursue the establishment of a wealth fund which was passed into law last year under the Natural Resource Act of 2021.


World Bank slams Guyana over lax oversight of Exxon’s operation – Kaieteur News



PPP/C Government looking out for ExxonMobil: Kaieteur News (Editorial)

Whenever the PPP/C Government has an opportunity to make a start in tightening the screws on ExxonMobil, its leaders waste those chances. For sure, leaders in the government, from President to Vice President to Minister of Natural Resources, come up with reassuring words and postures about how much they are on the job, on the lookout, and on the move to put a clamp on what the American oil supergiant is doing to this country.


Sept 12 trial for Opposition’s challenge to NRF law: Guyana Times  

…as AG relies on Parliament’s live-stream video as evidence

Justice Navindra Singh has fixed September 12 for the commencement of trial in the challenge to the passage of the Natural Resource Fund (NRF) Act. The action was filed in April by Opposition Chief Whip Christopher Jones and Trade Unionist Norris Witter. They argued that due to the absence of the parliamentary Mace – the most significant symbol in the National Assembly and some APNU/AFC members not seated – the NRF Act cannot be regarded as being lawfully passed.


Appoint commission into VICE allegations: Stabroek News  

-Goolsarran urges President

Former Auditor General Anand Goolsarran is urging President Irfaan Ali to set up a Commission of Inquiry to examine explosive allegations of bribery and money laundering contained in two VICE News reports on Chinese businessmen operating here and their alleged contacts with Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo. In his accountability column in today’s Stabroek News, Goolsarran noted that there had been  further revelations by VICE News of alleged Chinese involvement in money laundering activities, the use of intermediaries and the paying of bribes to secure government contracts, especially in relation to large infrastructure developmental works being undertaken.


Suriname President cancels trip following protests – Stabroek News



Suriname protest gets grimmer, protesters want to storm Cabinet – News Room Guyana

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