WEBINAR: Gas to Power & Implications for Economic Diversification in Guyana

Gas to Power & Implications for Economic Diversification in Guyana

Gas to Power

Guyanese experience an average of 31 days of power outages per year. Future required generation capacity is estimated to double by 2035, without accounting for the power needs of oil production. Finally, we discuss the implications for Guyana’s economic development of the proposed gas to shore project, aiming to increase peak generation capacity to 400 megawatts compared to last year’s peak of 135 megawatts.

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PRESENTED BY THE GUYANA BUSINESS JOURNAL & THE CARIBBEAN POLICY CONSORTIUM. CPC and GBJ are dedicated to exploring and understanding the Guyanese and Caribbean economy’s critical issues and developing concrete policy proposals supporting the region’s socio-economic and political development. https://cpccaribbean.org/about/, https://guyanabusinessjournal.com


Dr. Justin Ram,
Justin Ram Advisory, CEO & Former Director of Economics at the Caribbean Development Bank


Dr. Lorraine Sobers, UWI
Roger A. Kranenburg, Eversource Energy, CFA
Dr. David Lewis, CPC
Dr. Terrence R. Blackman, GBJ

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Terrence Blackman, GBJ


David Lewis, CPC


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