Guyana Upstream: A Rystad Energy, June 2022, Industry and Country Benchmarking Update

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Guyana Upstream

Please register for a GUYANA BUSINESS JOURNAL & CARIBBEAN POLICY CONSORTIUM presentation by analysts at Rystad Energy, whose new report explores recent developments in the oil and gas industry in Guyana, and on what has been done so far in terms of governance. The report identifies what still needs to be done in order to maximize Guyana’s benefits. It also offers a comprehensive look at how Guyana’s oil and gas industry can compete in a world transitioning from fossil fuels. Rystad’s Head of Latin America, Schreiner Parker, will be presenting findings from the report before a panel discussion featuring Arthur Deakin , Joel Bhagwandin, Dr. David Lewis and Dr. Terrence Blackman on: Guyana exploration success and future developments; Long-term sustainability of Guyana deepwater oil & gas; Value creation for government and companies; and Guyana’s governance of natural resources and development.

The Webinar will be live-streamed on the Guyana Business Journal Youtube Channel.

THE GUYANA BUSINESS JOURNAL & THE CARIBBEAN POLICY CONSORTIUM are dedicated to exploring and understanding the Guyanese and Caribbean economy’s key issues and developing concrete policy proposals in support of the region’s socio-economic and political development.


David Lewis, CPC,